Ukrainian children undergo combat training.  It’s not the Ukrainians who are training them – o2

The war between Russia and Ukraine is not only about violent clashes on the front line. It is also a series of human dramas about the loss of loved ones, and not just in combat. The Russians take children from Ukrainian families on a large scale, and then deport them to Russia or other territories it controls.

However, as the latest report from Yale University shows, young residents of Ukraine also end up in a very different place. According to scholars, the governments of Russia and Belarus are working together to organize the deportation of juveniles. The report is based, among other things, on high-quality satellite images, as well as information obtained from the front lines.

According to the data provided, at least 2,442 children have been sent from Ukraine to Belarus since the beginning of the war. We’re talking about people between the ages of 6 and 17 coming to a country controlled by Alexander Lukashenko’s regime via Russia.

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In 8 out of 13 centers in the region where children are sent, special re-education programs are implemented. It aims to serve the political interests of the Belarusian regime. Furthermore, in some cases, children must participate in military training.

In addition, there are at least two groups of children brought to the bases of the Internal Forces of Belarus, a paramilitary organization. According to the report, young people learn to use firearms and wear bullet-proof vests, as well as watching military parades and lectures on strategy.

Dozens of Ukrainian children also received treatment in Belarusian medical centers. Unfortunately, its scope and effectiveness are unknown.

According to official data from Ukraine, as of July this year, nearly 20,000 children have been deported from the country or forcibly resettled.

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