Abandoned is on sale for PLN 40. Square Enix is ​​still selling the game for up to PLN 339

For months, Sony has been touting “Square Enix’s first next-gen game,” guaranteeing up to two years of exclusivity and having a guarantee that the game won’t be released on Xbox Series We remember exactly what happened with Forspoken and how “enthusiastically” the recipients received the title. Currently, production is available at a very low price.

In 2023, we’ve seen many loud and powerful debuts, but some players won’t forget Square Enix’s first major offering 11 months ago. The Japanese started the year with Forspoken – a 64% rating, an unexciting plot base and a number of shortcomings meant that the situation was closer to complete failure than success. Attempts to expand the story by extending it to Tanta We Trust did not help.

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However, the store chains do not intend to keep Forspoken boxes in warehouses for much longer. On Black Friday, many British stores launched promotions including deep discounts on Frey Holland’s adventure.

Amazon UK, GAME and HMV are selling the game for £9.99, Argos is offering the game for £11.99, while Smyths has offered a record discount of 86%, allowing you to buy the game for just £7.99.

You can buy Forspoken in the physical version for PLN 40 to PLN 60, while the price on Steam is still PLN 339 for the basic version – Until recently, you also had to spend a similar amount on the PlayStation Store, but the Black Friday sale has started and the game costs PLN 135.60.

Let’s remember that Luminous Productions, the author of the production, was absorbed into the main Square Enix team due to the disastrous reception of the game.

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