The new position of Alexander Lukashenko.  A dictator is a hostage of his regime

Speaking before Congress delegates, the dictator, who has been in power since 1994, announced that he wanted a “dignified” end to his political career. – I will not go to rest unless you say to me, one way or another, “That's enough.” And when there is a man standing next to me who will not betray me, who will go to the barricades, without fear and without consideration. To anything, even his own life – thunder.

The dictator has not yet appointed his successor, but for the first time in the history of his rule, he has chosen a deputy. Belarusian surgeon Alexander Kucinych, currently an advisor to the dictator and former head of the Vitebsk region, head of Lukashenko's administration and deputy prime minister, has become vice-president of the WZL.

Who will succeed Lukashenko?

Kucinich once appointed Deputy Prime Minister Natalia Katzanawa, who currently heads the Council of the Republic (the upper house of parliament – editor). Katzanava once appointed Ihar Syarhenko, a KGB general (currently Speaker of the lower house of parliament – ed.) to head the Lukashenko administration. I call them the Vitebsk clan because they all come from there. Today, they hold the most important positions in the country, and in a crisis situation, these three people will play a key role – says Pawel Latushka, former diplomat and Minister of Culture of Belarus, and now Vice-President of the United Transitional Government. Council of Ministers (government in exile) residing in Warsaw.

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In 2011, he was personally among those who listened to Lukashenko's speech during the “People's Congress” in the Big Hall. On Thursday, the dictator mentioned Latushka and the leader of Free Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, who resides in Vilnius. – They support the destruction of Belarus […] “They are ready to do anything just to change the government in Belarus,” he said loudly. He also stated that opponents of the regime residing abroad should “forget their property” and “not expose” their relatives residing in the country to danger.

– I constantly receive threats, and relatives of opponents in Belarus are subjected to severe intimidation – says Latushka.

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