Afghan crisis.  There are many children among the refugees who go to Poland

What do Afghans want today? We dream of a normal life for us and our children. We want to live in a safe and democratic country, they told Fakt on the LOT ship that flew to Poland.

The plane took off from Warsaw on Tuesday 17.15. We headed to Uzbekistan, but after about 3 hours of flight, we planned to land in Tbilisi. In the Georgian capital, the airport service has replenished reserves of aircraft fuel. After about 40 minutes, we drove to Nawoi in Uzbekistan.

The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. The boss spoke

Before we reached our final destination at 3 am. A group of 93 people was waiting for us in an airport-like building. First, they were all tested for the presence of the coronavirus.

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