This is how Ukrainians distinguish Putin from his double - o2

The use of doubles by high-ranking politicians in Russia and the Soviet Union has a long tradition. This was actually done by Joseph Stalin, who was in terror for his life during his reign. According to rumors, the dictator had four understudies who performed in his place at public meetings.

A few years ago, the Kremlin officially denied that it had hired two partners to replace Vladimir Putin in his duties.. However, the head of Ukraine’s Military Intelligence (HUR) Kirillo Budanov, in an interview with the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, admitted that according to the findings of Ukrainian agents … the Russian president uses at least three pairs!

We know for sure that there will be three people who will take his place, but we do not know exactly how many. “They all had plastic surgery to look the same,” said Budanov.

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In fact, the number of people masquerading as the Russian president could be much higher. Exact data on this subject is not known, because, as indicated on the “Visit Ukraine Today” portal, this information is carefully hidden and constitutes a state secret. Perhaps not even all Kremlin officials know the details of the leader’s actions. Such data is provided only to the most credible people, who belong to Putin’s inner circle.

How do you recognize look-alikes of Vladimir Putin?

Although the Kremlin does its best to make sure the replacements are as similar to the “original” as possible, according to Ukrainian intelligence agents, there are some differences that betray scammers. Kirillo Budanov assures that the Ukrainian intelligence service employs specialists who, based on the analysis of recordings and photographs, can point out the nuances that distinguish Putin from his two spouses.

Apparently, doubles can be recognized by their different habits, manners, manner of speaking, gait, arrangement of facial wrinkles, and even … height. Experts also take into account the fact that each person has a unique individual ear shape, which allows them to be identified.

Everyone’s ear shape is different. It is like a fingerprint, and the profile of each person’s ear is unique, ”explains Budanov.

A Putin look-alike can be expected, for example, in minor public appearancesMeetings with citizens and in all those situations in which an assassination attempt on the president is possible.

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