January 29, 2023


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Not just Piotr Adamczyk and Jon Voight.  They played John Paul II

Not just Piotr Adamczyk and Jon Voight. They played John Paul II

  • Piotr Adamczyk is closely associated with the role of John Paul II in two Italian television films
  • In the USA, in 2005, two competing television stations simultaneously prepared two films about the life of the Polish pope.
  • Jon Voight is represented in one, and Jon Voight in the other Thomas Kretschmann
  • For most of the actors, participating in a production about the life of John Paul II was a wonderful and an acting experience
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There are roles in every actor’s life that mean much more than any honor, awards, splendor or money. For many representatives of the world of cinema, this professional show was the possibility of playing the role of Pope John Paul II. Of course, this is the most special thing for us – Poles – Peter Adamczyk. So much so that even later, for a long time, the actor was perceived only through the prism of this role. Many people believe that it was thanks to her that he became really famous. However, celebrating his fiftieth birthday on March 21, he wasn’t the only actor who had the chance to play the Polish pope.

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Piotr Adamczyk joined his other teammates who got the offer from him too She plays the role of Karol Wojtyła. For most of them, it was a unique distinction, but also a huge responsibility. The world of cinema evaluated their game in different ways, but it is worth remembering who played John Paul II.

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These actors played John Paul II