'The Hail Mary Project': Ryan Gosling to adapt 'The Martian' author's book
According to Production Weekly, Ryan Gosling's new film, a sci-fi spectacle titled “Project Hail Mary,” is set to begin filming in the UK in June. The project is run by duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

What is Ryan Gosling's new 'Project Hail Mary' movie?

“The Hail Mary Project” is an adaptation of Andy Weir's novel of the same title. In Poland it was published by Akurat Publishing House. In the description we can read:

A lone astronaut must save Earth from disaster. Of the crew embarked on the fateful Last Chance mission, only Ryland Grace survived. Now it depends on it whether humanity will survive. But he has no idea about that yet. At first he doesn't even remember who he is, so how does he know what he did and how he accomplished it? All he knew now was that he had been in a coma for a very long time. After he woke up, he found himself unimaginably far from home. Alone, except for the bodies of his dead comrades. Time passes relentlessly, and Grace, light years apart from the others, is left to her own devices. But are you sure?

Andy Weir sold the rights to the book to MGM in early 2020. It cost them $3 million. A few weeks later – in March – Ryan Gosling (as the lead actor) and Phil Lord and Christopher Miller participated in the project as directors. In July 2020, the participation of screenwriter Drew Goddard, who a few years earlier worked on the adaptation of Weir's first book – “The Martian”, was confirmed.

Barbie on the podcast I have some comments

Currently, Ryan Gosling's filmography ends with the film “Barbie”. We remind you of the podcast episode I have some comments in which Julia Tacznowska and Jakub Bubilecki talked about:

Watch the trailer for the movie “The First Man”

In 2018, the film “First Man” was released, which tells the story of the preparations for the Apollo 11 mission. Ryan Gosling played the role of Neil Armstrong. Watch the trailer:

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