March 24, 2023


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Krlikowski shows the picture "The Wife in the Morning" and claims she looks like DiCaprio

Krlikowski shows the picture “The Wife in the Morning” and claims she looks like DiCaprio

Joanna Obozda I Antik Krulikowski At the beginning of August, they stood on a wedding carpet. Congratulations are constantly coming to the newlyweds, and the couple is keen to share photos of everyday life on Instagram. They recently exchanged strange “tenderness”, when Krulikovsky posted a photo of his wife, which is unlikely to see the light of day …

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Antik Krulikowski shows what Joanna Obozda looks like in the morning

In the photo posted by Królikowski, Opozda looks directly into the lens with a menacing face and takes a pose that no respected bodybuilder would be ashamed of. The shaggy model is wearing T-shirt With Canary Tweety from the fairy tale “Looney Tunes”. The actor signed the photo:

My beloved wife every morning.

There are many jokes directed at the couple in the comments under the entry.

I don’t know if this is not the last day of my husband’s life…

Blink twice if you’re stuck!

hahahaha but wouldn’t she kill you for this?

OBuzda also made a comment, approaching her husband’s humor with a smile on her face:

Cute, call me your tweety! note. I am already looking for your most interesting pictures on my phone.

Moreover, Krulikovsky conducted a questionnaire among observers, whether the wife looked like Tweety, or perhaps Leonarda DiCaprio… the actress engaged her husband to enter into the relationship and worm:

Antik, I will kill you!

Anthony Krulikowski, Joanna ObozdaAnthony Krulikowski, Joanna Obozda Foot. Instagram

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Joanna Obozda and Antik Krulikowski They married in the church of Mar. Wojciech in the Wola district of Warsaw in August 2021. Thanks to relationships in social media, it was possible:in a. I see The bride and groom’s first dance to the song “The Lion King”. or joint Wedding photo of Joanna Obozda, her sister and her mother.

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