Trump will not attend the Republican debate.  I prepared a surprise

The debate is scheduled for August 23. Candidates must earn 1% in order to qualify. Support in at least three national surveys and raise funds from at least 40,000 donors in at least 20 countries. To date, in addition to Trump, seven candidates have qualified, including his main rival – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

However, Trump does not intend to appear on the same stage with his rivals. The heads of Fox News, which organizes the debate, have been seeking his performance for months. The former president — who by far leads Republican polls — met with Fox representatives on numerous occasions, but ultimately declined their invitation.

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Trump will not attend the debate. He stuck a pin not only to his competitors

Trump earlier stated that he would not attend the debate. His hesitation was prompted by the requirements outlined by the Republican National Committee. It decided that all candidates wishing to participate in the debate must sign a pledge that they will support the party’s final candidate. Trump announced that he would not sign such a pledge.

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