June 7, 2023


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Fierce battles in Mariupol.  The Azov Regiment ambushed the Russians [NAGRANIE]

Fierce battles in Mariupol. The Azov Regiment ambushed the Russians [NAGRANIE]

Soldiers of the Azov regiment began a counterattack in Mariupol, where it was repelled by Russian troops.

The defense of Mariupol continues. Despite the superiority of the enemy forces, the fighters of the “Azov” regiment launch a counterattack – the regiment flagged in a message on the Telegram website.

– We have a job – beat the Russian g ****. The Azov regiment in Mariupol copes perfectly – unit commander Maxim Korin commented.

A video clip appeared on the network showing the moment of the ambush prepared by the Ukrainian defenders, in which the newly arrived Russian troops in the city fell.

Mariupol has been under siege since 1 March. There is no water, no light, no heating and communications in the city. Not many can find their relatives who have remained in the city since the Russian invasion.

The dead who do not have one are buried in mass graves by community services. Graves also appeared in the courtyards of apartment buildings and on city streets.

On April 15, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Oleksandr Motozyank, said that bloody fighting had broken out in Mariupol near the Ilizhich plant and in the port area. The Russian occupiers constantly introduce additional units to attack Mariupol, but they do not manage to completely capture the city.

“The deputy commander of the Azov regiment, nicknamed Kalina, said that it is possible to lift the embargo on Mariupol. He added that the defenders of the city are fighting and waiting for decisive action by the country’s military and political leadership.”

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