Tributes to Paul Houde: “We expected him to stay longer”

The funeral of Paul Haut, who died suddenly in March at the age of 69, was held at the Montreal Planetarium on Friday until 7 p.m.

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Thérèse Parisien, a good friend of the deceased, presenter and columnist, was invited on the set of the TVA Nouvelles 5 pm bulletin to explain the choice of place for this honor ceremony, and we must admit, 'ordinary .

“It's completely logical,” says Ms. Parisien, “He was crazy about astronomy. He was an avid amateur astronomer. He loved everything in the heavens.

“He took a lot of care,” she adds. He had a telescope, he had many, and he watched and he loved eclipses.

She thinks with a smile on her lips that the next Monday, during the total eclipse, if Paul Hout was still alive, he would have been in a position to observe it for a very long time.

In 2015, he says, the two of them went “doing a little scouting” to find the “drop-off point”, “the place where the eclipse lasted the longest”.

Even though Paul Haut died a month ago, Ms. Parisien says she “thinks the shock didn't get to anyone.”

“Unexpectedly the earth opened up at our feet because he had an operation, and it really happened, obviously there were complications,” he laments.

Mr. Guest says Hout's departure was “urgent.”

“I don't know why,” she continues, “we didn't imagine it. People who went to see him today, who knew him and listened to him on the radio, think of this great radio guy who had a love for the public and a passion for radio.

“I don't know why, but we expected him to be around a lot longer.”

Paul Hout's passion for radio was a defining element of his character, Ms. Parisien says.

“He loved comedy, he loved acting – we remember Fern Les Boys – He loved many things, but his real passion, he told me I don't know how many times: “I'm a radio man, radio is my passion, and that's the radio I love.”

Paul Haut's love for radio broadcasting was due to the closeness with people that this medium allows him to achieve.

“Way to talk and connect with people and make them seem like they're there. He's truly a radio man,” affirms the columnist.

***Watch the full interview with Therese Parisien in the video above***

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