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It’s hard to tinker with the glamorous and shiny seriesOnly murders in the building From Disney +. Ten episodes of Agatha Christie eating like a novel and effectively speaking and refreshing self-mockery.

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The second season, this Tuesday online in French and Disney + in English, did not disappoint. He joins the best Shirley McLean with his five star cast, which includes two big names in comedy: Steve Martin and Martin Short.

Boo! Boomers Big Show, making fun of trolls on Twitter. No way. As HawksA scary comedy, available in Gray Only murders in the building Singer and actress Selena Gomez builds a bridge between generations by joining the top three.

None of the stories between these generations of delicious comedy seem compelling or clich. Young, old, thirty or seventy, they learn from each other and get to be friends with each other (of course), which makes for an honest friendship rather than an episode. Life gameSince 1991.

It’s fun and humorous. Big thumb from my side. It is viewed simultaneously.

For those who know nothingOnly murders in the building, Corruption, Lord! A quick summary. Lonely artist Mabel (Selena Gomez), fallen actor Charles (Steve Martin), and declining theater director Oliver (Martin Short) live in the same traditional building in the upper west of New York. The three people who live in the famous Argonia – that is the name of the building – do not see each other, but share an interest in consuming everything in the “real crime” podcasts.

Photo provided by Disney +

The scene of the second seasonOnly murders in the building

If one of their neighbors is shot in the head, the three amateur sluts join forces and create their own podcast. The real crimeThis will make their apartment building (luxuriously, openly) look for guards on the identity of the killer.

The tenth and final episode of the first season ended with an icy punch. On the terrace of her living room, poor Mabel (Selena Gomez) cradles the bloody body of Bunny, the hated leader of a group of Aragonia residents. A long knitting needle pierced the victim’s trunk, leaving several “enemies” near him.

Second seasonOnly murders in the building This time it starts right back: So who broke up the lonely and sad female bunny? Police suspect three of our most famous and beloved Sunday investigators, who went first to the victim’s bed. But due to lack of evidence, police release Mabel, Charles and Oliver, who attacked the second season of their podcast dedicated to hunting down Bunny’s killer.

The first three 35-minute episodes (out of ten in total) take detours that take us (mostly) away from the central investigation. In the fourth episode, the regular rhythm starts again and the series catches us in its intriguing webs. The clues fade, the clues abound and the hunt for the killer becomes frantic.

In parallel, Only murders in the building It never loses its original and strange tone. Each episode of the series takes the form of a podcast episode, which digs into the past of many of the characters, much more complex than they show.

Among the new facesOnly murders in the buildingYou will find the hilarious Amy Schumacher in her own role, who moves Penthouse Where singer Sting lived in the previous season. Model and comedian Cara Delevingne plays an art gallery owner who is interested in Maple’s work and her motives are confusing.

The brilliant Tina Faye is back in her small role as the star podcaster ‘Cinda Canning’ who started the podcast – Only killers in the building – About our three friends Mabel, Charles and Oliver.

According to Shirley McLean, she plays Bunny’s mother, and her rich personal story leads our bandits down a crooked path.

Throughout the episodes, the viewer is fooled by the million-dollar erotic painting, the hidden elevator, the spicy secrets of the past and the motley pieces of the puzzle like matches from the 1970s. Again, Martin Short received very powerful responses. He is fun.

Yes, as in the first episode, Selena Gomez always talks with clenched teeth and locked jaws. Whatever you want, this series with so many qualities can’t be right.


Télé-Québec broke its own vision record for the National Day event last Thursday. From 9:30 pm to midnight, the National Day broadcast on Abraham Plains was watched by 812,000 people, while the Saturday evening reprint attracted 197,000 music enthusiasts.

On Friday evening, a simultaneous broadcast of the Montreal show on TVA and Radio-Canada brought together 728,000 interested people. In short, Quebec defeated Montreal and Mark Labrace had the upper hand over the Pierre-Yves Lord.

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