Director Wolfgang Petersen has died at the age of 81

(Los Angeles) German director Wolfgang Petersen is best known for his films Troy And A never ending story Died of pancreatic cancer at 81 after directing world stars such as Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt.

Posted at 8:50 am yesterday.

He was nominated for two Oscars in 1983 and enjoyed success Das bootA submarine thriller set during World War II, he died in his wife’s arms at his home in Los Angeles, a spokesman said.

His first film in English was released the following year. A never ending storyAn adaptation of the children’s literature hit that follows the adventures of a boy who steals a novel from a bookstore before weaving it into the book’s story.

After that he directed action films and disaster films In line of sightWith Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich, and warningIt relates the American authorities’ fight against the most deadly virus with Dustin Hoffman.

Actress Glenn Close starred alongside Harrison Ford US President’s planeWolfgang Petersen’s leadership “remains a special memory,” AFP said in a statement.

“Even though the script was thrilling and incredibly intense, I remember a lot of laughter, especially during the scenes around the big table in ‘War Room,'” he said.

“My memory is of a man full of ‘joie de vivre’ (in the press release, editor’s note) who did what he loved most,” the actress reiterated.

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