Italy.  A café owner in Turin has been selling coffee at the same price for 15 years

For more than 15 years, the owner of a place in Turin has been selling coffee for the same price: 80 euro cents. – Domenico Longo explained: – I reduce all additional costs. He added that he was able to keep the price unchanged because he buys the coffee beans directly.

The Italian daily Corriere della Sera confirmed that this is a unique case, because all bars in Turin and outside it have been raising prices all this time due to high costs. – I did not agree to be served a cup of espresso, even for just one euro – admitted a restaurant owner in the capital of Piedmont. – I had to face price increases in the industry, which I learned about from suppliers. They demanded more and more coffee and machine maintenance. He added that everything is very expensive, and I could not continue my work at these prices.

So, as a bar owner in Turin said, he decided to fend for himself and do everything himself.

– Thanks to this, I can keep the price of coffee unchanged: 0.80 euros – said Longo in an interview with the newspaper. He confirmed that he buys coffee beans directly without seeking help from suppliers. “This method helps me survive,” he noted.

A bar without music

Gastronomy in Turin said it saves money on everything. -I even had to turn off the music in the bar. We have a music box from the 1970s, very beautiful and practical. But it's always stopped. He said the license would cost a lot. Domenico Luongo confirmed that he will maintain the price of 80 euro cents, which was set in 2008, and does not intend to raise it. -I think it's a fair price for a quick cup at the bar during break. Plus, it makes my niche competitive. Its owner said: There is nothing like this in Turin.

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