December 6, 2022


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Jean-Michel has shared a rare photo with her boyfriend on his birthday in Ankil

Jean-Michel has shared a rare photo with her boyfriend on his birthday in Ankil

Although she has been enjoying complete bliss for a year with her boyfriend Melody, Jean-Michel Uncle is very sensible about their relationship on social networks. Now he has broken away from his habits for his girlfriend’s birthday.

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Last November, the couple first appeared together in the first scene of the film Time grabber. When I met them there, Had been supposed to be together since May and had met through mutual friends. Since then, the lovers have walked a few red carpets together.


Martin Aller / QMI Agency / Journal de Montreal

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On social networks, on the other hand, Jean-Michel and Melody are the most sensible. However, in the last hours, the comedian and actor broke away from his habit of sharing a photo with his heart pounding on his anniversary.

“Yesterday was his birthday. Very beautiful sunny day and a short 5km race. She hit me for a few seconds. Bah, it’s his birthday, yet a small gift. Happy birthday, my beautiful, ”wrote one we can see in the fall In the series Portrait-robot And Project b.


We also use this opportunity to wish Melody a slightly late birthday!

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