Trading ban on Sunday.  Sunday [15.10.2023] Are the shops open?

Sunday shopping in Poland. Or this Sunday [15 października 2023] Will the shops be open? Will stores such as Lidl, Biedronka and all stores and service points in shopping centers be open this Sunday? Is Sunday 15 October 2023 the Sunday of the year when the legal ban on trade applies? Know where you will shop this Sunday: Żabka, Biedronka or Carrefour hypermarket?

Sunday shopping [15.10.2023]

Sunday shopping in Poland. Or this Sunday [15.10.2023] Is it Sunday trading? Consumers in Poland already know that they can only shop in supermarkets and malls on designated Sundays. Therefore, the closing of markets on Sunday no longer surprises anyone. On the contrary, it is surprising that supermarkets and hypermarkets are open on Sunday. And this Sunday? [15.10.2023] Will we shop at stores like Lidl, Biedronka, Kaufland, Dino, Netto and Carrefour? Are malls, all shops, cinemas and bowling alleys open this Sunday? On the second Sunday of October 2023, stores such as Biedronka, Dino, Lidl and Kaufland are closed. We’ll have to wait a long time to shop on Sunday. The next, and most importantly, last Sunday of 2023 is December 17. Initially, the Sunday trading calendar for 2023 still included Sunday 24 December, but for obvious reasons – Christmas Eve – that was changed.

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