June 7, 2023


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Slack - global failure.  Commercial messages are not working

Slack – global failure. Commercial messages are not working

Users from many countries have reported the failure of the popular Slack Business messenger. In social media, they write about problems running the application, sending messages or connecting to the server. The failure affected users among other countries, Australia, Singapore, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Slack Messenger Business Crash

Users reported Slack Business messenger failed in Facebook comments. “Slack does not work on my phone and laptop”, “It does not work in Sydney”, “It does not work in Singapore either”, “Does not work in Belgium”, “I managed to log in, but I can’t send a message” – these are just some entries.

The Downdetector portal, where users report outages or outages, also reported the problem. The data collected by the portal shows that 44 percent. People reported problems with the app, 29 percent. Server connection problems, 27 percent. – The site failed.

Slack – Awaradowndetector.pl

Slack confirmed on social media the reports of the trouble. “We are aware of DNS related connectivity issues affecting a small group of users. The issue was caused by our change and is not related to third party DNS software and services,” the company explained on Twitter.

Just before 9.00am Slack stated that “it will take some time to get the problem resolved to everyone”.

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