Did you know that this main character wasn’t part of the first episodes?

For 21 seasons, NCIS: Special Investigations Monopolizes the small screen. Although many of the early cast members have decided to leave, the lead role still exists to the extent that it is considered a history of the series. However, he was absent from the cast of the first episodes.

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It’s one of the longest running series, yet the fans are still there. In 2003, NCIS: Special Investigations He is making his debut on the small screen. In the first season, viewers were introduced to Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander), Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), Donald Mallard (David McCallum) and Timothy McGee (Sean Murray). While many historical actors have decided to say goodbye, fans and the NCIS team are still mourning the loss of David McCallum, who died on September 25. In 21 seasons, things have changed a lot on the team, and now only Sean Murray remains “ancient” From the series. While one might believe that McGee’s character was there from the start, that’s not entirely true.

No, McGee isn’t in the first episodes NCIS

Even the most curious viewers already know: No, McGee is not one of the characters from the beginning. NCIS: Special Investigations. If he does appear in the first season, unlike other original characters, “The Blue” will only appear from the seventh episode. “When the series began, McGee was the final newcomer to the series“, he admits EW. Although everyone thinks he is old, that is not entirely accurate.

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For Sean Murray, it is “a privilege” Play McGee again NCIS

On the other hand, it’s been over twenty years since Sean Murray played McGee NCIS And he never tired of it. “It’s interesting because as the series progressed, he improved. He is definitely more confident than before and can do a lot more than before”, he explains. The actor is happy to see his character evolve and has no intention of letting him down like that. He explains that “A privilegeE” for him to play a role for so long “A natural and fun thing to do“, according to him.

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