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Traction battery failure - how does electric car motor battery repair work?  This is the Renault Group road in Zabrze

Traction battery failure – how does electric car motor battery repair work? This is the Renault Group road in Zabrze

Data from the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) shows that In 2018, nearly 134,000 jobs were sold in Europe. electric cars. A year later, Europeans bought almost 247.4 thousand. Electrical specialist. In 2020 – about 538 thousand A In 2021 – about 877.5 thousand

Sales of electronic cars in Poland are presented in the data of the Polish Automobile Industry Association (PZPM). And yes: 620 cars were purchased in the country in 2018in 2019 – 1665, in 2020 – 3892, and In 2021 – 7,164 electric cars.

It will also automatically increase Global demand for batteries. According to the data provided by the Renault group, it will jump significantly before the limitation takes effect.

Renault Group’s only traction battery service in Eastern Europe

The growing popularity of e-mobility presents a major challenge to the industry, which not only sells new cars but also has to ensure that they are driven for as long as possible. This cannot be guaranteed if the traction battery is faulty. And fixing it is not easywhich we saw at Renault’s certified plant to repair traction batteries in Zpres.

Renault Group has a serious argument to be proud of Zabrze’s service. It is the only one in this part of Europe A factory where electric car traction batteries are repaired, among others Renault, Dacia and Nissan. In the case of the first two, cars from all over go to the Silesian conglomerate Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

It must be emphasized that in the event of a battery failure, we are talking about it The most difficult repairs, the so-called red zone for electronic cars. Problems in the blue zone that do not require a battery blocking can be resolved by all Renault services. Faults in the orange zone, which are related to the installation of a high voltage of 400 V, are handled by Renault Ekspert E-Tech services. So – what does repairing drive batteries look like?

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Warranty of the Renault range of traction batteries

– Renault guarantees this for the duration of the warranty The drive battery will not lose its efficiency less than 70 percent. – says money.pl Piotr Nawrot, head of the authorized Renault plant for the repair of traction batteries in Zabrze.

Warranty for Kangoo E-Tech and Master E-Tech models Lasts 5 years Or expire after driving 100,000 km. For ZOE E-Tech and Megane E-Tech 8 years Or a distance of 160 thousand. how much. If the battery capacity at this time or mileage, and therefore – Vehicle range will decrease by at least 30%. The battery is repaired.

A customer who notices a decrease in the power of the car can leave it at the point of purchase. Then the vehicle undergoes full diagnostics at the Renault Ekspert E-Tech service. Vehicles from Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, in which a malfunction was detected in the red zone, are delivered to Zabrze in full. From Romania and Bulgaria – batteries only.

At Zabrze, the battery again undergoes specialized diagnostics to answer the question of whether the battery is repairable. If so, it goes to the “operating table”.

No one less tech

From now on, service technicians must pay special attention to their safety. Discharged batteries rarely end up on the “table”. – There is a risk of electric shock. The battery is 400V, much more than in the socket Reminds us of one of the technicians who repaired the battery.

The factory in Zabrze has service technicians with the knowledge and license to open batteries. Interestingly, if a person is on sick leave or on vacation, The other does not fit the battery. There must be a partner. For safety reasons, everyone says out loud what they are doing at a given moment, so that a colleague, for example, can react quickly in case of danger. Both wear professional clothing with no metal on top, thick gloves and masks.

2% Renault traction batteries repaired

The battery on the “table” is connected to a so-called “pretending to be a car” vehicle simulator so that the effects of repairs can be continuously monitored. The housing is removed with tools adapted to a voltage of 1000 V.

Then check for electrolyte leakage, water, corrosion, or other spots that indicate there is no electrolyte leakage. Battery leak – Says the service technician. After the emergency unit is detected, it is replaced with a new one. The car (or the battery itself) is returned to the owner.

Jacek Lucek, journalist at money.pl

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