The seat and table on the plane have hidden functions.  The passenger doesn’t even know about it

Some people have an intense fascination with aviation and airplanes in general. There is nothing strange about this. These are great, big machines, filled with smart technology that enables fast travel. Although seeing an iron giant in the sky may be awe-inspiring, behind it all is of course science and engineering – or rather, manufacturing ingenuity, because assembling so many smart solutions into a single machine is a major accomplishment.

Almost all of us know how an airplane works. It has wings and is powered by powerful engines, allowing it to rise off the ground. However, inside there are a wealth of hidden nuances and systems that make travel possible and safe. Here are 5 hidden features of the plane that you didn’t know about -And they’re really interesting.

Imagine a situation where you are flying on an airplane at an altitude of 10 kilometers above the ground. You are admiring the views outside the window, and suddenly it turns out that there is something visible in the glass slot. Is this a reason for panic? Fortunately, no, because the small hole performs a very important function and is very desirable.

Why do airplane windows have holes? These holes act as a pressure regulator. The difference between the interior of an airplane and the air around it is very large, so a system must be in place to regulate this difference. Small holes are used for this purpose, so that the pressure does not damage the window structure. It consists of 3 layers – outer, middle and inner. The hole occurs between the first two.

The respective nozzles allow the fuel to be emptied It is a tool that your plane has probably never used – and that’s a good thing, because it’s a function used in cases of, among other things, emergency landings shortly after take-off. Why are they installed in some devices? It’s all because of the weight. After take-off, the plane has enough fuel to travel. Then the take-off weight significantly exceeds the permissible landing weight.

This means that if necessary to perform In an emergency landing, the machine will be very heavy and may break. If the pilot urgently needs to land the plane on the runway, he can use a fuel dump, which will reduce weight and make the landing safe. Not all aircraft are equipped with such a system. What to do if they have to land? Unless the situation is extremely dangerous (such as a fire), they can move around the airport, thus using up excess fuel.

We recently described the situation when The plane had to land with an almost full tank. There was no disaster, but the machine had to undergo additional examination.

Some aircraft models have a special system attached to the tail cones and looks like a kind of exhaust. However, this is not a well-known tuning item from cars, however Auxiliary emergency engine (APU).

It is a kind of replacement for jet engines. An additional drive allows you to replace them in the event of a malfunction or other problems. They don’t produce the same thrust, but they allow you to add some power to the flying machine. This is an invaluable solution in many very serious situations, which, although rare, can occur. We can observe something like this, for example, in the Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus 220 aircraft.

Schedules on airplanes can take many forms. Passengers on budget airlines (such as Ryanair) will find these seats moved away from us or won’t find any seats at all – oh, the saving. Old category carriers (i.e. not with a large budget) offer, among others: The ones that slide off the armrest. Please note that the way it is extended and its direction is not accidental.

We will always move them away from each other and toward the aisle, which is the actual exit. This is a way to organize a possible evacuation from the machine in the most convenient way possible. In a hurry and panic, we don’t want to suffer from a small table, Therefore it had to be designed accordingly. This way it won’t get in our way, it will just move away in the direction we want to go.

It doesn’t matter which class you travel in, you can sit in economy class, business class or anything in between. In each of these cases, you will spend the flight in a fire-resistant seat. A fire in the aircraft poses a great danger, which will immediately lead to a decision to make an emergency landing. That’s why airlines are fighting the fire as best they can.

An example of security is Use of fire-resistant textilesThat covers the seats. The same is often true of on-board carpets and rugs. Fire in the air is itself a problem, and having it occupy seats will only make the situation worse.

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