December 1, 2022


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Environmental activists attack an Aston Martin car dealership in London

Environmental activists attack an Aston Martin car dealership in London

Environmentalists from the Just Stop Oil group attacked a dealership of luxury car brand Aston Martin in central London on Sunday as part of their ongoing campaign against hydrocarbon exploitation that began in early October.

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As a group of activists blocked traffic on Park Lane, one of the capital’s swankiest thoroughfares bordering Hyde Park, on Sunday morning, one of them sprayed orange paint on the window of an Aston Martin dealership located on the street.

The Just Stop Oil group began a series of daily actions and blockades in the capital in early October. On Friday, two activists attacked Van Gogh’s masterpiece “Sunflower” at the National Gallery.

They are calling on the Lis Truss government to put an end to hydrocarbon exploitation in the country, which the prime minister has decided to accelerate.

In the face of these ongoing protests, the government has decided to strengthen the powers of the police.

In an op-ed published in The Mail on Sunday, Home Secretary Suella Braverman announced that the Security Act, now through Parliament, would give police new powers against these groups involved in “guerrilla” operations. Condemned in the past.

The new law will strengthen the security of transportation networks, oil terminals and printing works, protecting “access to capital national infrastructure or essential goods and services,” he said.

Several members of Just Stop Oil have already served prison terms for their actions.

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In addition to Just Stop Oil, the minister has specifically targeted Britain’s isolationist movements, which have called for housing isolation or the environmental movement Destruction Rebellion.