More and more people from Generation Z are not working or studying

New search Conducted by the Federal Reserve Institute for Economic Equality in St. Louis. Lewis (St. Louis Institute for Economic Justice of the Federal Reserve) focused on the issues faced by young people ages 18-24 in today's economy. It turns out More than one in three people have no income.

The researchers looked specifically at the group that did not work or go to school. In 2022, these people accounted for 13%. This age group. This ratio has been rising since 1998, according to calculations by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Percentage of people aged 18 to 24 who are neither working nor continuing education

Julianna Kaplan/Business Insider/Dallas Fed calculations for IPUMS-CPS

It is true that many young people do not receive any income because they are still studying and living on loans or family support. but For those who do not continue their education, a lack of income can hurt Generation Z's ability to save for retirement Or make larger purchases in the future. It can also affect their mental health, affecting them as they try to thrive in an unfavorable economy.

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