Tokyo is available for collection

Today, players interested in free-to-play games cannot complain about the lack of interesting options. Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of three productions you can get for free – two titles set up for Amazon customers, and one for Epic Games Store users.

Amazon wants to offer gamers many really interesting games throughout the month, but many interested people would say that at the beginning of the month, the company presents to the general public certainly the strongest Prime Gaming production for October.

Players can download now Ghostwire: Tokyothat is, a Tango Gameworks proposal from 2022. An action game with horror elements developed by the Bethesda studio and the element was well received by many viewers.

Amazon customers also gained access to Grand – It is an adventure game described by the developers as a “blend of black sci-fi”, which was based on an investigative story. The title has an 85% rating on Steam.

However, the Epic Games Store offers players Divine burger, a production in which we run “the craziest restaurant in the galaxy.” The title was released last year and received good reviews (74%).

It should be noted that Epic Games will be offering players Blazing Sails and the QUBE Ultimate Bundle next week.

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