Josue and Radovan Bankov from Legia were arrested by police after the match against AZ Alkmaar

The clashes with the police broke out after a press conference involving both coaches, when part of the Legia team was already on the bus and others were on their way.

“At some point, someone decided to close the facility. Not only Pawel Wzolek and Bartosz Sliš, among others, were able to leave the stadium, but also the club authorities, including the president and owner of Legia, Dariusz Miodoski,” reported. , the club’s unofficial website, the journalist is in the Netherlands with his team.

Then there were fights. As a result, the two players, Josue and Bankov, were handcuffed and taken to the police station in Alkmaar. The police pushed the owner and president of the club.

“The scandalous behavior of the police and security towards the players and the president of Legia, an unprecedented degree of aggression and rudeness. He wrote on social media” – Jaroslav Jankowski, member of the club’s board of directors.

The police investigate Jose

He has attached a video to the following entry from the moment Miodoski was beaten.

“An absolute scandal. The physical integrity of many players and staff was also violated by security and police. This is an unprecedented situation,” Jankowski wrote.


Malik Legia injured after the match against AZ Alkmaar (TVN24)

It is not known why part of the stadium was closed and part of the Warsaw team was not allowed to leave. It is also unknown why the police arrested Gozoi and Pankov. The club allegedly tried to interfere with the Polish consul in the Netherlands. Without any effect.

“The consul woke up and tried to help him, but the locals do not want to talk to him. It is necessary to contact the Serbian (Bankov Serbian – ed.) and Portuguese (Josue Portuguese – ed.) consuls.” “But this is difficult because it is the middle of the night. There was also contact with the Polish embassy. At the moment, it is not known whether the detainees will be able to return to Poland with the team.”

Ligia: We won’t sleep tonight

On Friday after 5 am, Aleksandra Kalinowska, from the Warsaw FC Marketing and Communications Department, published a short blog post on social media.

“All the material I saw after the match is unfortunately true. Yes, we were detained in the business area, and some players, staff and journalists were not able to leave the stadium and get on the bus. We will not sleep tonight.” “It is impossible to describe all this, what happened all day,” she wrote.

On Sunday, Legia will have an Ekstraklasa match against Raków Częstochowa.

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