NFS 2022 in cartoon style or animation?  Players make fun of the "leak" [Aktualizacja]
August 26, 2022, 12:15

author: Miriam “Mokosh” Moszczyńska

The animation-inspired effects slated to hit NFS 2022 will interest gamers. They do not take the subject seriously, and create satirical edits.


A colleague from EA is back, thanks to him we got another colleague dose of information Around NFS 2022. The game should have a simplified car improvement system, but there will be no drag races or drift races. The title is intended for a new, younger generation of gamers, hence the animation effects.

And while already on this topic, new graphics have appeared that introduce these graphic elements. They were also shown in a short video look here.

NFS 2022 in cartoon style or animation?  Players make fun of

Source: Reddit

NFS 2022 in cartoon style or animation?  Players make fun of

Source: Reddit

The game is supported by EA for a maximum of one year. Its further fate will depend on the interest and the sale of the right of ownership. NSF 2022 It’s definitely coming out this year, although it’s coming out on Twitter advertiser Jeff Groupthe title will be slipping for about a month.

original message

Coming this year Need for Speed ​​2022 It is claimed to have graphic effects similar to those seen in cartoons. We’ve already heard about such rumors in AprilAnd now they succeeded Mail user Top Ramanoodle 3 s.

Source: a colleague told me

As the author of the publication himself says, these messages should be taken with a degree of uncertainty. together He claims that his friend who works at Electronic Arts showed him the information. Although it is not only related to the animation elements of the game, it is still of the greatest interest.

[…] So, if you hit something like a lantern while driving and break it, the screen will make a noise (cartoon/comic style) When you smoke rubber or drift, rather than actual smoke, you get a little bit of smoke – you can hardly do that – instead some lines form circles that mimic the direction of movement of the rear tires – a piece of a shaft.

In addition, you will return abandoned cars that can be stolen. This behavior, of course, has its consequences for the pursuit of it. There will also be crash cameras like w the most wanted From 2012, you will be able to provoke other drivers, and the appearance of the character will be similar to that of z no limits.

sarcastic reactions

Players are skeptical about animation effects. They are unconvinced by how they blend in with realistic roads and car models.

While on the Internet you can find Material From a very old version NFS 2022One of the players decided to completely improve this idea Repaint.

This is just a caricature-like idea, but until the game is released or the official material is released, we won’t be sure how true it is.

social communication NFS Also access the screenshot of the game version that is currently being tested. And here you can already see a cartoon accent, for example through the perspective of the font used.

NFS 2022 in cartoon style or animation?  Players make fun of

Source: Reddit

Always, it’s just a leak that could also be a modified game. Therefore, all information should be taken with limited confidence.

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