The latest information shows that Android 14 may bring important changes that will eventually ensure continuous and easy access to the Internet even on older devices.

Let’s imagine a scenario where (for whatever reason) you pick up your old phone and try to open any website. Instead of a website, a notification about the expiration of the security certificate pops up. Although we would have to be dealing with very old hardware (or a system version) for this to happen, it is a reasonable scenario. To prevent such cases, Android 14 It is to provide new possibilities for updating certificates.

In Android open source code Mishaal Rahman, Editor-in-Chief of notedGoogle is working on a feature that will enable it Automatic update of root certificates. Currently, certificate updates are delivered with a major system update. So if the device is no longer receiving updates, there is a good chance that root certificates may also expire over time. Thanks to an upcoming patch, they will be able to update automatically as part of Google Mobile Services.

It should be noted that root certificates are signed by trusted certification authorities. Browsers, applications, and other software come pre-packaged with a trustworthy certificate store. If you visit a website that supports HTTPS protocol, but does not use a CA-signed certificate in the browser’s root store, the site will be marked as insecure. The ability to self-update certificates is to make it easier for users to use the network.

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10 tips for using the internet safely

It is possible that the functions described above will not be of interest to everyone, but Android 14 is also expected to bring other news. Rahman mentions about introducing satellite communication support or opt-out gesture prediction into applications. For now, however, we will have to wait a long time for the promised news, and many users are still looking forward to the update to Android 13.

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