Tokyo 2020. Who are the highest paid Poles?  What is the price?  Show amounts

Bonuses for successes in Tokyo were kept at the same level as in Rio – 120,000. PLN for gold (individually), 80 thousand. for silver and 50 thousand. for bronze. In team competitions (which also include relay races), the rewards are 90, 60 and 37.5 thousand, respectively. The Polish team won 14 medals in Tokyo – 4 gold, 5 silver and one bronze.

Athletes: Natalia Kaczmarek, Ega Baumgart-Whitan, Majorzata Hoop-Kawalek and Justina Šveti-Ersitek were the most popular at the Olympics. The four contestants returned with gold and silver medals in the relay, and a total of 150,000 would be credited to their account. zloty. In the mixed relay medal standings, we only took one gold, but the POC for this disc will pay a bonus to seven players, including coaches, and it goes up to nine. This “hit” results from the fact that in the qualifying rounds two almost different teams took part, and in the final the coaches kept only Kajitan Dosinski in the squad (in both races). According to the regulations, medals and titles also belong to the athletes’ participation in the qualifying race, so the rewards will also go to the account of the qualifying participants (although they watched the final match itself from the stands).

Marek Ruggie (400m team coach) and Aleksander Matusinski (women’s coach of this distance) were responsible for the mixed sports relay race, so 60,000 PLN will be allocated together. about gold. POC representatives have already announced that they will not interfere with how coaches share this amount.

Kayakers Karolina Naja and Anna Puławska would be high on the payroll, but they also had to work hard for it. They did not even stand on the podium once, but returned from Tokyo with two medals – a silver in the K2 competition and a bronze in the K4. They will receive 97.5 thousand. zloty.

A total of 990,000 PLN will be paid for gold medals. PLN, for silver discs – 860 thousand, and for bronze – 350 thousand. The Olympic champion coach will get 60,000. Polish zlotys, runner-up – 40 thousand, bronze – 25 thousand.

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