Beijing 2022 Games: the IOC has already made a decision on Władysław Heraskewycz

“It was a general call for peace. For the IOC, the matter is closed,” the IOC statement said on Friday.

The Ukrainian explained why he was offered to comment on the camera.

– Like any normal person, I do not want war. I want peace in my country and peace in the world. This is my opinion. I fight for peace. It’s really tense in Ukraine at the moment. This should not be the case in the 21st century, said the athlete.

Before each Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee warns participants about political and social demonstrations and their consequences. According to Article 50 of the Olympic Charter, during the Games: “No political, religious or ethnic manifestations or propaganda of any kind shall be permitted in the Olympic venues or for any other grounds.”

For several weeks, the international situation around Ukraine has become increasingly tense due to the actions of Russia, which is increasing the number of troops on the border and waging a mixed war to destabilize the situation in that country.

During the opening of the Olympics in Beijing, the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, not only thanked the organizers, in keeping with the tradition of such speeches, but also referred to the political situation.

The mission of games has always been to build bridges, never to build walls. I appeal to the leaders of world politics: by adhering to the Olympic Truce, give peace a chance – he said.

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