The first light from outside a black hole
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Astrophysicist Dan Wilkins of Stanford University was not surprised when, looking at a supermassive black hole in a galaxy 800 million light-years from Earth, he noticed a series of bright X-ray bursts. However, a big surprise awaited him soon after – telescopes recorded additional weaker glows of a different “color”. According to the theory These flares come…from outside the black hole.

The light that falls into the black hole no longer comes out. So we shouldn’t be able to see anything behind the black holeWilkins says. We can observe it because a black hole bends space, light and magnetic fields around itadds the world.

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Wilkins is the first to directly observe radiation from outside a black hole. This phenomenon was predicted by the general theory of relativity, but only now has it been possible to confirm it.

When astrophysicists began discussing how a magnetic field might behave near a black hole fifty years ago, they had no idea that it might one day be used to directly observe and confirm Einstein’s theory., Professor Roger Blandford ze SLAC.

Dan Wilkins did not seek to validate the theory of relativity. He wanted to know more about the black hole’s crown. This is the region where matter falling into the black hole begins to glow and form a crown around it. These crowns are one of the brightest sources of continuous light in the universe. They glow in the X-ray range, and the analysis of their light allows you to study the black hole itself.

Leading theories about the corona say that it is formed by the flow of gas into a black hole. The gas heats up to millions of degrees, the electrons separate from the atoms and a vortex magnetized plasma is formed. In it, X-ray flashes studied by Wilkins. When he wanted to know where it came from and took a closer look at it, he noticed a series of small flares. Scientists showed that they came from large original flares, some of which were reflected on the back of the disk surrounding the black hole. So they are the first light ever recorded from the other side – seen from Earth – from a black hole.

Wilkins quickly realized what he was dealing with as he had been developing theories about these reversals for several years. Their existence has been proven by the theory I’m working on, and as soon as I saw them in the telescope, I realized that what I was seeing was related to the theory..

The world is already looking forward to future discoveries. He works in the laboratory of Steve Allen of Stanford University, where he is involved in the development of the Wide Field Imaging detector, which is being developed for the future European Athens Observatory (Advanced High Energy Astrophysics Telescope). It will have a much larger mirror than any other X-ray observatory, so it will allow us to get better resolution in a shorter time. What we are beginning to notice now will become clearer to ussays the world.

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