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“Spanish Feast” – March He writes about a double victory for the team: on the field and in the stands. Ferran Torres and Olmo score. Luis Enrique: “I don’t remember a match where the fans were so decisive.”

Bottom: Vinicius dedication after his first goal for Brazil. Barcelona – Benfica and Real Madrid – Seville in the Spanish League semi-finals; In today’s episode of Reportage about the children who were saved by the Liberian football.

Top of the page: Sainz leads his first win – playoff win Chico Perez, but the Spaniard who finished third has a great chance; Alonso will start seventh.

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visca Olmo! – as The Catalan exclamation describes it golazo In the 90th minute, the Leipzig player opened the match against Spain against Albania. Ferran Torres was also injured. Celebration atmosphere in Cornella. Raya first appeared in the frame.

Relegation in the Kings Division: Jovic prepares for his summer departure – the Serbian will leave Real Madrid due to the lack of minutes.

Besides, below: Laporta still believes in winning the league – the president announces a hole in Real Madrid; Perez leaves Ferrari without a win in qualifying – Sainz will move on to third and Alonso to seventh.

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“I’m Christmas” golazo“- Mundo Deportivo Dani Olmo’s last-minute prodigy reportedly gave Spain a victory in the first Test en route to the World Cup. Ferran, Cornella’s second leading scorer, had a fantastic evening and made it full of the team’s return to Catalonia.

Top of the page: Optimism about Gavi and Araújo – both want to stay, Barcelona prioritizes them and believes they can extend their contracts; Inaki Peña is set to return as the second goalkeeper.

Plus downstairs: “There are a lot of things to think about after the World Cup,” says Messi; Sainz goes all out – he will follow Carlos Perez and Leclerc from third today in search of a first win; Barcelona and the Granollers, the King’s Cup handball derby; Higuita leads the way to the final stage of the race around Catalonia.

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‘Ferran Torres Online’ – sports Ferran opened the scoring against Albania and has 13 goals in 23 matches for the national team. Barcelona Crack made a great start to the year with 7 hits and 5 assists.

Top of the page: Mingueza, the key to getting Raphinhi – Leeds want a stopwatch. Columns about: Barcelona’s DNA return to the national team; Buffer acting is great business with players becoming free agents.

Besides at the bottom: the historical starting site of Chico And fear for Schumacher – Sainz will move third; He will reach the Catalan finals in the King’s Cup for Handball.

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