The Musk lunar rocket is expected to be ready this year.  The date of the first flight has fallen

A new engine was built with this vessel in mind. The Raptor 2 is designed to be 25 percent more efficient. stronger than its predecessor. “The spacecraft’s first orbital flight will take place with Raptor 2 engines because it is more efficient and reliable.” he wrote Elon Musk on Twitter.

The South African-born entrepreneur plans to build as many as 39 airworthy engines by next month. The first orbital flight with its use will take place in May.

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Director general SpaceX It plans to launch more Starlink broadband satellites. Musk said the proceeds from the satellite communications system are key to achieving his biggest ambition of sending a spacecraft to Mars.

Destination 1: Travel to orbit and land in Hawaii

The testing phase of the spacecraft with the new Raptor 2 engine is expected to begin soon, and if all goes as planned, the first spaceflight will include an orbital flight followed by a smooth landing off the coast of Hawaii.

In addition to the timely completion of engine production, SpaceX is still awaiting the completion of an environmental review by the Federal Aviation Administration. Is the issuance of a launch license for an orbital test mission. The FAA has postponed the scheduled date of its final decision on several occasions and is now expected to be ready on March 28.

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It depends on this whether the assumed dates of the orbital mission will be met, or whether it will be postponed for a few more months or more.

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