Mecz Lechii Gdańsk z macedońską Akademiją Pandev zostanie zapamiętany nie tylko ze względu na zwycięstwo polskiej drużyny (4:1), ale również z powodu zamieszek na trybunach. Spotkanie musiało zostać na chwilę przerwane. Po meczu Lechia wydała oświadczenie. Do sytuacji odniosła się również prezydent Gdańska Aleksandra Dulkiewicz.

The match between Lechia Gdańsk and the Macedonian Pandev Academy will be remembered not only because of the victory of the Polish team (4:1), but also because of the riots in the stands. The meeting had to be interrupted for a while. After the match, Leccia released a statement. The President of Gdansk, Alexandra Dolkevich, also commented on the situation.

This statement is our sole and official statement for the day and we ask for your understanding. Once we know more and can share it with you, we will of course continue to share more information – We read in the advertisement of Lechia Gdańsk published on their website.

The club said it wanted “again Unequivocally condemn such behavior“.

This is totally unacceptable to us – He said.

Our entire team, the club – a lot of people have worked many weeks ago so that today’s fans can see the first game from the stands in several years and Leccia’s victory in the European Cups. Unfortunately, instead of experiencing this meeting with Lechia fans, we witnessed unacceptable behavior. We know that the agencies have already taken action, secured monitoring, and the perpetrators have been identified and detained

– We read in the statement of Lechia Gdańsk.

Lichia pointed out that He doesn’t know “what consequences this situation will have for the club“.

We’re just so sorry for that A group of rioters tried to destroy nearly 15,000 people in the stands this meeting. There is and will not be approved for such behavior in the Gdansk Stadium! – Read the content of the advertisement.

Alexandra Dolkić, President of Gdask, also spoke about the riots. On social media, in an entry about the Polish-Chinese volleyball match, she wrote that “Not a single zloty from the taxpayer’s pockets will be used to cover the damage“.

The match organizer will pay to fix it The chief said.

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