New goalkeeper in Legia Warsaw?  22-year-old goal for Warsaw FC [NASZ NEWS]

Legia Warsaw is looking for a new goalkeeper. According to our information, Stali Mielec’s Rafał Strączka shares are highly ranked, and he may leave for free after the season.

Today, Artur Boruc is the undisputed number one in the crosshairs of the Polish champions. The 41-year-old has a strong personality in the dressing room and very solid on the field. When he was missing on Łazienkowska Street due to a back injury, the team collapsed like a house of cards. His absence was not the only reason, but suffice it to say that when Boruc missed, Legia lost all league matches. When he returned, she immediately separated from Jagiellonia, although it is generally difficult to say that the club will overcome the crisis.

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In the veteran’s absence, Kacper Tobiasz and Cezary Miszta took turns to defend themselves. Nineteen and twenty-year-olds played unevenly. They showed that they can collect minutes for the team, but the first place is still far from them. They see it in Legia. In any case, Dariusz Miodowsky himself admitted in the famous interview on the club’s official website. So it’s easy to guess that one of them might be on loan soon. First, however, you have to sign a new goalkeeper. That is why the sports department began looking for a successor to Borok, who will end his rich career after the season.

You didn’t have to look far, because Legia has a promising and easy-to-download filter under its nose. As we found out, Rafał Strączek of Stal Mielec, who has been attracting attention for some time, is now a candidate for one of the best goalkeepers of the season. The 22-year-old is a promising talent and, as we hear on Mielec, they are also receiving inquiries from abroad and from other leading club Ekstraklasa.

However, Legia is a tempting option and perhaps not so casual for another reason. In the summer transfer window, Strączek was very close to moving to Raków Częstochowa. Marek Babszon and then athletic director, Bowie Tomchik, who had been working in the capital since December, wanted her. In the end, Rakov bet on Vladan Kovashevich and it wasn’t bad either.

This season, Podkarpacie played fourteen league matches. Keep a clean sheet four times. In this regard, he is in fourth place in the league. He has shown big tackles several times this season, which has caught the attention of many scouts.

The 22-year-old is very easy prey. His contract expires in June 2022. He can work with a new employer in the winter. The question is, is he ready to jump to a higher ledge? He’s already sent some serious signals that he won’t break easily.

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