To the beach via the "Musk Tunnel"?  Another Billionaire Project

Business boring company Suggest affiliation with Elon Musk Construction of a tunnel leading directly to the beach from downtown Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA). This charming resort is located in Atlantic Ocean She has a beautiful coastline but she struggled with it Huge traffic jams. The city authorities have decided that the only salvation is.”Underground Misk Tunnel“It will cost money to build it $90 million. The city authorities gave the tunnel a “green light” and work on the project has already begun.

Vision “underground tunnels” It was first realized by a billionaire in Las vigas. Initially, the rails were planned in the tunnels of the Boring Company, along which the car platforms were moving. In the end, the design was changed and It is only suitable for Tesla cars. vegas episode It will eventually consist of tunnels over 46 kilometers long and 51 stations. Its performance is expected to reach a level in the future 57 thousand passengers for an hour.

The first tunnel built by The Boring Company is 2.7 km long and is used to transport visitors to the convention center Las Vegas Convention Center. Musk’s project was to eliminate traffic jams in large gatherings once and for all. It was not entirely successful as evidenced by the video recorded by one of the netizens. It turns out that Also… the Musk Tunnel under Las Vegas might be overcrowded.

Tesla owner has a vision for years Create an underground tunnel system that will be used by electric cars of the future. This is a way to free large population centers from traffic jams and turn their centers into green parks. Obvious inspiration for a Tesla owner BostonIt is a city located on the east coast of the United States of America. It was there that it was possible to successfully transfer vehicular traffic to the network of underground tunnels. Thanks to the massive construction of tunnels called “big pits“In the 1990s, almost all the main streets were “hidden” underground. Elon Musk wrote a comment under this post on the social network:” Another thing we will learn to appreciate when it comes to tunnels“.

As per expectations In 2050, nearly 6 billion people will live in cities, or 70 percent of the population. This means that smaller towns and villages will be depopulated, and humanity will move to larger population centers. One of the biggest problems for these “mega-cities” in the future will be ensuring the smooth transportation of their residents. Underground tunnels for cars are an interesting idea here too Elon Musk may be right again.

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