Warsaw.  Another Hyundai tram on a normal road

On Monday, the second Hyundai – Warsolino tram will run on Route 17. Tramwaj Warsawski announced that next year it will receive up to eight new cars from the manufacturer per month.

Passengers traveling between Służewiec and Białołęka can already use a total of two new Hyundai trams. For those in line 17 of Tuesday 14 December Another one joined on Monday. – Both trams operate from 7 am to midnight. Each of them covers the road about 300 kilometers per day – said Maciej Dotkiewicz, a spokesman for the Warsaw Trams.

Three types of trams

– In general, we will try to turn it on permanently. Of course, it may happen that one undergoes a medical examination or diagnostic tests. Then he will spend some time in the warehouse – Dutkiewicz explained.

Warsaw ordered up to three types of railway cars of different lengths, in one-way and two-way version. The tallest of the new trams will be around 33 metres, which is 2.5 meters more than the current low-floor trams. These are the longest trams ever run on the capital’s railways. Each of them will be able to travel up to 240 people. – From the first quarter of 2022, 6-8 new wagons will come to Warsaw per month – this was stated by a spokesperson for Warsaw Trams.

The Korean company Hyundai Rotem has won a bid for 230 new trams for Warsaw. It is the largest tram contract signed so far in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Deliveries are divided into two parts: with the basic arrangement, Warsaw Trams will buy 123 trams, and under the option it will be possible to purchase another 90 trams. Hyundai Rotem, which made the most advantageous offer, will build it for 1,825 million PLN net.

All vehicles under the basic order will be delivered to the capital by the end of 2022, and those created under the option – by the end of 2023. The purchase was partially financed by EU funds in the amount of PLN 285 million.

Main image source: Warsaw Tram

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