Polish ad £.  Tens of thousands of zlotys in health insurance premiums on unsold merchandise?  It's possible

The first stage of changes from Polish deal It’s a tax change. It takes effect on January 1. One of the biggest changes relates to the health insurance premium.

Entrepreneurs on a large scale and flat taxes will deduct them from their business income. In the first case it is 9% and in the next case it is 4.9%. However, the changes are quite complex, and the legislator, according to experts, did not foresee every situation.

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Health insurance premium tens of thousands of zlotys, with no income? It’s possible

The Society of Collaborating Accounting Firms (SWBR) requested Ministry of Finance for changes in the health insurance premium. As evidenced by the government’s response, if the basis for health insurance is to be determined, the stock differentials will not be taken into account.

More information from the state on Home page of Gazeta.pl

As SWBR notes, this could mean massive health bonuses for entrepreneurs, even if they don’t earn any income. “In the case of companies that from December 31, 2021 will have a large amount of goods and materials included in the physical inventory, there will be an issue with the amount of the health insurance premium in 2022. For example: From December 31, 2021, the company will have an item worth 1 PLN 000000. It will sell it in January 2022 for 1.2 million PLN. tax On this income, i.e. 200,000 PLN, and for needs sister It will not be able to list the stock from 01/01/2022, so you will pay a health insurance premium of PLN 1.2 million.” In this case, the health insurance premium will reach 108 thousand PLN. zloty.

ZUS gives hope

Despite the Ministry of Finance’s response, there is something else on the page sister.

ZUS seems to have a different opinion on this. The information on their website states that calculated income can be adjusted for health insurance contribution purposes with stock differences. This gives hope that perhaps this problem will eventually be resolved for the benefit of entrepreneurs

– W notes “Rzeczpospolita” Izabela Leśniewska is a tax advisor at the law firm Alo-2. He adds that the changes to the rules have caused confusion and it is difficult to determine whether the issue of stock variances was a deliberate measure by the legislator or “the impact of writing the amendment on the knee.”

However, it is clear that the health insurance premium has become a new tax, calculated on separate terms

Concludes Konrad Turzyński, Consultant tax, a partner in the law firm of KNDP.

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