Pierre Bruno's other wonderful tradition

Having been the face of TVA Nouvelles for 46 years, Pierre Bruneau left his identity in Quebec in a completely different way by joining the Charles-Bruno Foundation.

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The CHU Sainte-Justine Center, named after the late son of a famous newsreader, now welcomes 10,000 children a year.

Many families have expressed their gratitude to TVA Nouvelles for the care received at this sophisticated center

Elliott’s mother, a four – year – old boy with leukemia, said: “It’s very accessible, it’s close, everyone is very nice.

“They’re used to working with children. They also have effective work methods to reassure and reassure them,” says Lilly’s mother, who came from Pius with her daughter, who is receiving chemotherapy for the latter brain tumor.

“He loves the nurses who are part of the center’s 200 staff and they have been working there with enthusiasm for many years,” he adds.

Since the early 1990s, the Charles-Bruno Foundation has invested millions and millions of dollars in liberating these children and advancing science.

“They have completely transformed the landscape of pediatric cancer, pediatric cancer in Quebec, and they have allowed us to establish ourselves in Quebec among world leaders. Twenty years ago, we should have been 70-75%, now we have cured 85-90% of children with cancer. Dr. Michael Dowell, Head of the Department of Hematology and Oncology at CHU Sainte, explains. Justin.

Dr. Jocelyn Demers was ill with Charles and his family, a great Nordic fan, and co-founded the Charles-Bruno Foundation with his best friend Pierre Bruno.

“For us, trying to raise all the problems of pediatric cancer, that is, looking for the best care for children in the world, looking for everything we can from a technical point of view,” says Dr. Demers. .

“Little Charles has grown up. What is his dream; He wanted to grow. This is the only reward Pierre can ask for: something these days, at least his son should have gotten this thing, ”he adds.

To watch the full report, watch the video above.

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