Warsaw.  Hyundai tram transfer to Warsaw

“They smelled fresh, because they came straight from the factory. First they sailed around the world in ships, then were transported in wagons. Today, more new Hyundai trams hit our warehouse” – tram drivers boasted on Thursday.

According to tvnwarszawa.pl reporter Artur Węgrzynowicz, new trams arrived at the warehouse in Wola at night from Wednesday to Thursday. – They only make an impression when you see them in transportation. On the road, it looks larger than usual when on the rails – as Węgrzynowicz described it. He pointed out that transporting vehicles by trucks is a major task that requires temporarily closing streets and intersections.

In total – as reported in the Warsaw Trams on Facebook – three new wagons arrived, which joined the first two. “We are completing in-depth testing of the new cars and everything is going according to plan,” the company confirmed. “The new vehicles are part of a larger order for 123 vehicles. We have purchased three types of trams of different lengths, one-way or two-way. The longest tram can travel up to 240 people” – we Read more. Hyundai’s new low-floor, air-conditioned trams.

New tram from autumn

The new vehicles are part of a larger order from a Korean company. 123 vehicles were contracted, but the contract includes an option for another 90 vehicles. first tram, They will take to permanent roads this fall1. The Warsawski Tram is studying two lines on which new trains can run. As indicated by company spokesperson Maciej Dutkiewicz, 17 from PKP Służewiec to Winnica and 9 from Rondo Wiatraczna to Aleja Krakowska have been taken into account. Only long lines that cross the entire city are considered, the first being the longest road in Warsaw, with a length of 23 kilometers. Dutkiewicz eventually announced that the public transport authority would choose which line the new trains would appear on.

Main image source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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