January 30, 2023


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Thor: Love and Thunder - Thor loses weight and is controversial on the Internet

Thor: Love and Thunder – Thor loses weight and is controversial on the Internet

The debate about Thor’s obesity, which began after the film’s premiere, has erupted on social media once again. Avengers: Endgame From 2019. The topic is back after the trailer Thor: Love and ThunderWhere we see Fatty Thor for a moment in training.

after the movie Avengers: Endgame Some have criticized the creators for appearing fat Thor. It is believed that his weight gain is used as a source of comedic excitement. Critic Chris Evangelista tweeted, “If Marvel had the balls, he would have left Thor fat.” Other commentators have noted that it would be a good idea to leave Chubby Thor aside for a while as he learns to love and find his body worthy of it.

Before that, a film director, Taika Waititi He said in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment that there had been a long discussion at Marvel Studios prior to filming about how to lead the story.

Actor Chris Hemsworth also spoke positively of Fat Thor. He emphasized that he liked the direction a lot and it was a new opportunity for him to approach his hero a little differently, which he went through a lot and expressed through a physical transformation. In the end, the trailer shows us that Thor will return to his former form very quickly and lose weight.

Thor’s approach has its supporters and a large group of critics on the Internet. Many believe it was made as a puppet to serve up the jokes in Thor: Love and Thunder He will probably be laughed at again. Not everyone feels the way Taika Waititi tells Gromow┼éadny’s drama, which is also part of the discussion. In the context of his obesity, there are comments that you should never go down this path, which hurts obese viewers.

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