A24 believes in Olivia Wilde’s directing skills
Olivia Wilde will continue her directing career. For A24 studio, he will direct a series based on Jennifer Egan’s books A Visit from the Goon Band and The Candy House.

What do we know about the new series project of Olivia Wilde?

The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel A Visit from the Goon Squad was published in Poland under the title “before our time runs out”.

The publisher’s note reads: When you stop in the middle of the day for a moment, stop doing anything – do you hear how time flows…? of course not! You think that it is worth changing something, but you have no time for trifles, let alone revolutions in your life. get robbed. slowly. from everything. From dreams that spin more and more quietly and secretly.

Benny Salazar, an aging punk record label owner, and his assistant, Sasha, are unaware of each other’s past. However, the reader gets to know it along with the intimate details and stories of the people they met on their way. Along with the characters, he goes from noisy analog recordings and amateur punk bands screaming their emotions at live concerts uniting the audience to “download tracks from the internet”, mp3 and excellent sound vectors.

J.Egan presents with brilliance and great psychological insight the process of maturation and aging in the modern age called the digital age.

Olivia Wilde’s directorial projects

The series planned for A24 isn’t the only project Olivia Wilde is interested in as director.

For Sony, he is shooting a show based on Marvel comics. Its heroine will be Spider-Woman.

On the other side It makes for a bad high-profile comedy for Universal that take place over the Christmas period.

Her latest directorial achievement is “Don’t Worry, Baby”. The film premiered at last year’s Venice Film Festival. It grossed nearly $90 million in theaters around the world. This means that It was the third-highest-grossing film of 2022 directed by a woman.

“Don’t Worry Baby” Trailer

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