Tomas Karolak in the Polish Army?  “Lord, bye”

Thomas Karolack She decided to actively help in the war-torn Ukraine, which has been fighting the Russian invaders for several days. The Polish representative wanted to volunteer to help the Polish army.

Few people know that Karolak has “the blood of soldiers” – the star’s parents were officers of the Polish People’s Army. They served in the air regiment and missile squadron. The actor’s mother was in charge of finances there, while the father was in charge of catering.

As the Polish news agency reported, Tomas Karolak volunteered to lead the military renovation, but was returned with a receipt by civilian employees. The actor decided to report the whole situation on social media.

“I called the Military Supplementary Committee to find out how reservists like me are trained for possible actions. The Lord in the military command said: Lord, what are you?!, Sunday – for free. Please call from 8. Civilian workers work here” – said the star on InstaStories.

“So if we attack Russia, for example, to train ourselves, we will have to wait until 8 am on Monday” – the artist sneered.

The representative suggested a solution to the officials at WKU: “This is what I say: take some information, or something like that, for example for young people who want to join or something out of patriotic passion.” In response, he only heard: “Lord, goodbye!”

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