Irina Laskowska became an actress for one role forever

  • Irina Laskowska was born on March 15, 1925 in the Vilnius region
  • Her two younger brothers also linked their future with cinema: Jan became a cinematographer, and Jerzy – production director
  • Irina Laskowska played her first movie role in 1948, but had to wait 10 years the next day
  • As Tadeusz Konwicki claimed, the actress’ biggest enemy was… her beauty. There was no place for beautiful and sexy blondes in socialist realism films

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The script was written as part of the chandelier series “Sexbomby of the People’s Republic of Poland”

If we asked Polish cinema fans about the most memorable scene with their participation Irina Laskowska, Most will remember the movie from The Last Day of Summer, when the 33-year-old nude actress emerges from the sea, walks to the beach and meets a young man (played by Jan Macholsky). People who knew Irina Laskowska confirmed that she was a beautiful woman and a talented actress but not entirely an actress.

“A beautiful woman. She has a great heart and sense of humor. She is very social. Kind. With a strong moral backbone.” – That’s how he described it Sadoy is bornRespected actor and journalist.

“She was amazingly beautiful and unused as an actress. What could she play on her terms in the Stalinist era? She can only appear in any plays. Irina was an incomplete lover” He said Tadeusz Konwicki, director of “The Last Day of Summer” – the most famous title in the film Irina Laskowska.

Irina Laskowska: She started her career by performing in … a circus

Irina Laskowska was born on March 15, 1925 in the Vilnius region. She had three younger siblings: brothers Jan and Jerzy and sister Hania.

“I was born in Mieżany in the Vilnius region, in a house where there was extreme poverty. My father, Roman Laszkowski, was a Polish teacher, He married a local girl who had no special education. On the other hand, his sister was very rich, Her husband had a restaurant in Warsaw in the Old Town. When I was four years old, my father decided to take me back to this aunt. I was saved from extreme poverty and brought into the world of art and prosperity, as I recalled in an interview with the Polish Institute in Vilnius.

My three cousins ​​were dancers known as the Wattras Sisters. They have included young Ireneka in their art program.

“They had a number of pirates. Three pirates entered the theater and took bags stolen from the ship. From one they take out a beautiful piece of cloth, from the other jewelry, and from the third bag a little girl jumps! Advice. We once performed at the Staniewski Brothers Circus. When people saw me when I was four years old, they began to throw oranges in the arena that they had brought with them to the circus. After the show, I was taken to the dressing room, and there, in front of the mirror, lay a pyramid made of these oranges. I sang with the sisters Wattras until I was thrown ”- this is how Irina Laskowska described the beginnings of her artistic career.

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Roman Laskovsky died of tuberculosis. His wife and three other children moved to Ursus near Warsaw.

Janek and Jurek were eight or nine years old, and Hania was younger. my mom You will leave them at home alone I went to the mine to get the salt. She carried bags of salt on her back, sold them and went home with a bag of potatoes. My father’s family considered my mother too simple to let her into the big world.” – The actress admitted in an interview.

The Laszkowski family entered Polish cinema

The decision to take the PWST exams in ód was made by Irina Laskowska under the influence of her brother. Years later, she translated:

Time has shown that Polish cinema has a place not only for Irina and Jan, but also for their brother Jerzy Laskowski, who became one of the most respected production managers. It is also worth emphasizing that Jean’s daughter – Dominika Laskowska is a successful stage designer (She is a wife in particular Grzegorz Damięcki), and the grandson of Jan – Jakub Laskowski is a talented cinematographer, screenwriter and director.

On the cinema screen, Irina Laskowska made her debut in 1948 in the film “Steel Hearts”. She had to wait 10 years for the next role, and on the set she met both brothers. Jean was responsible for the cinematography, and Jerzy was responsible for the production of The Last Day of Summer. This intimate drama was the directorial debut for Tadeusz Konwicki, who admitted that he was inspired by…Irena Laskowska to reach for the camera.

At the time, I was friends with the prominent graphic designer and writer Mieczysław Piotrowski; his wife was Irina Laskowska, a beautiful young actress in whom she felt huge dramatic potential ” Remember Tadeusz Konwicki.

At that time, Laskowska performed only in the plays of socialist realism.

Photo: Niemiec/AKPA

Irina Laskowska, Jan Macholsky and Tadeusz Konwicki (2002)

Irina Laskowska: The bitter taste of success

For Irina Laskowska, “The Last Day of Summer” was just an adventure. Most of the pictures were taken during the summer holidays in the theater.

“I didn’t like the script, but I didn’t even think about it. It was only my brother Jan Laszkowski who made me realize that it was a movie about human loneliness, anxiety and mistrust” – said the actress in an interview with “Dzenic Tribona”.

For many years, the actress did not hide the fact that she did not like this film. Her reluctance was determined by the nude stage and the audience’s reaction after the premiere. And, as she emphasized in every conversation, she does not want to appear in this famous scene.

“I needed it right away, but I still I gave up, with the reservation that Tadeusz had to hide somewhere while shooting these shots. My brother had to stay as an operator, and it was even worse! It collapsed and we did what we had to do.”

Photo: Facebook / Film Institute

Irina Laskowska and Jan Macholsky in the movie “The Last Day of Summer”

As she watched the scene, her sacrifice was in vain. Why? Because she’d had tanned before and in this famous nude scene she looked like she was wearing a white two-piece suit.

She also had bad memories of the premiere itself, which took place on August 4, 1958, after which she avoided watching the film for more than half a century.

“Of the film’s authors, only I was sitting in disguise among the audience. Neither Konwicki, nor my brother Janek, nor Macholsky came. When the show ended, there was applause, but it wasn’t too stormy. We started leaving the cinema and (…) The public did not recognize me. I started crying silently I said to myself, “The bitter taste of success.” I went to the Grand Hotel, where Zbyszek Cybulski was sitting in the bar. ‘To this lady,’ he said to the waiter, ‘like her for me.’ We drank and danced “- Irina Laskowska admitted to the journalist” Dzenic Tribona “in 2019.

Foto: INPLUS / East News / East News

Irina Laskowska played the aunt of the character of the title of the comedy “Oh, Carol”

She was endowed with beauty and talent, but she did not become a big star of Polish cinema. Although her filmography consists of more than 60 titles, episodic and episodic roles dominate her. Irina Laskowska has acted in films Andrzej Oujda, appeared in a famous series (“forty years“, Report 07). Her last movie role was in “Pornografia” (2003). Jan Jacob Kolsky. It then returned to the screens after a 15-year hiatus. She confessed in an interview with “Dzenic Tribona” ​​a few months before her death:

Irina Laskowska: Wife – yes, mother – no

The beautiful and sexy blonde had a lot of fans. Her husband was Mieczysław Piotrowski – a painter, graphic artist and playwright fifteen years older than him. She was his second wife.

“I had a wonderful husband. A collection of his plays were recently released as classics of post-war drama. Someone appreciated them, but his drama was difficult and airtight, so they did not make their way to the stage. He was an intellectual, a deep man, It is a pity that his writings are forgotten ”- she said in an interview with“ Dziennik Trybuna ”.

She honestly admitted that she was not the best wife. You didn’t hide it During the filming of “The Last Day of Summer” she was in a relationship with Jan Macholsky. The atmosphere on the set sometimes became tense, because Tadeusz Konwicki also tried to woo the actress. The romance between Machulski and Laskowska ended as quickly as it began. After the last slap, they parted ways. The actress said in interviews:

Foto: INPLUS / East News / East News

Irina Laskowska in the movie “Gangsters and Philanthropists”

She added that the most important thing for her is her career.

“I never wanted children. I was an actress and the kids were the brakes. You have a break from work, your friends replace you immediately and you fall from the ranks. Therefore, I did not have a typical family life ”- Irina Laskowska admitted in an interview with the Polish Institute in Vilnius.

Friends knew it collect porcelain duck figurines, This does not mean that she sympathized with the views of the Law and Justice Party. She smoked cigarettes a certain way – always with candy in her mouth. The candy box was still by her side so she indulged in the unhealthy addiction. For many years, in September, she spent her vacation in Ustka at the ZAIKS Creative Work House.

Irina Laskowska died on December 6, 2019 in Warsaw. She was 94 years old. She was buried in the military cemetery in the Mujahideen. Powązkowska in Warsaw.

Photo: Mikulski/AKPA

Irina Laskowska with her brother Jan


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