Better check PIT, because you can save a lot.  Last week to settle

As every year, until the end of April, you still have to confess to the tax office about the money earned throughout 2021. This is the last year without the Polish deal, with a free amount of PLN 3,000. PLN and a tax threshold of 85 thousand. 528 zlotys.

Many of us accept a certificate automatically without reading much of what it contains. Some Poles don’t know that There are benefits that allow you to reduce your income or taxes.

Most of them must be entered in the PIT/0 appendix and attached to the tax return. Many Poles forget it, and If they have a child in 2021, use the internet, buy medicine, renovate the house, donate blood or support the local parish, They can save a lot on the annual settlement.

See what tax preferences you are entitled to.

Joint settlement with the child. It was supposed to disappear, but the government backed down

At first, the relief that was originally supposed to appear in the settlement for 2021 for the last time.

Currently, the single-parent child tax is calculated at twice the tax calculated on half of the income.

However, the Law and Justice Act decided last year that due to the increase in the tax-exempt amount, this solution would give more advantages to single fathers than married fathers. Therefore, the party proposed to abolish this rule and provide a tax exemption for the child of a single parent in the amount of 1.5 thousand PLN. zloty.

After protests from taxpayers, this idea was undone. During a press conference held by the Prime Minister at the end of March Morawiecki admitted his mistake and declared that the possibility of a joint settlement does not disappear at all.

Relief for a child

This is one of the most popular preferences among the Poles. This is a kind of exemption that can be used to reduce the amount of income tax. Regardless of the number of children, it is paid for each taxpayer that is PIT-36 and PIT-37. The amount of the discount will vary when parents are raising one child and differ when there are multiple children.

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