This is what remains of the legendary "Igloo".  The hall that fell in the history of Polish volleyball [ZDJÊCIA]

The “Urania” hall in Olsztyn is undergoing a major renovation of about 190 million PLN. In March, AZS Indykpol volleyball players played their last game for at least two years. The thing often called “the igloo” has become a monument to Polish volleyball, but now it’s taking on a new glow. The update will not be fully completed until the summer of 2023.

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“Leon and Couric hit volleyball for the Russians. We’ll get a medal”

The old building is currently being demolished. “Another amazing phase of the dismantling of Urania Hall has begun. The contractor has begun to dismantle the distinctive dome. (…) The technical condition of the dome has long since aroused a number of doubts, and its evaluation was not possible at the design stage”- Written in the official announcement on the website of Olsztyn City Hall.

Regarding the dismantling of the dome, local residents complained about a lot of noise, which could mean something went wrong with the builders. However, the city council assures that nothing bad has happened and that the works are going as planned.

“According to the schedule – the demolition of Urania will be completed in mid-October, but it will probably be faster. Building C is completely dismantled, block B is almost 70% dismantled, and the main building – Block A is almost in half. The value is close to 195 million PLN, and will expire in the third quarter of 2023 ”- added.

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“Igloo”, a monument to the sport of Olsztyn and Polish volleyball

The hall was built in 1978 and has since become a memorial to Olstein sports. It was called igloo because of the special appearance of the facade, as well as the low temperatures inside the building. In the following years, it served as an important facility for Polish volleyball.

The first six editions are organized here Hubert Jerzy Wagner Monument. After 2008, the event was moved to Katowice, لودód and Krakow. However, he was still playing his matches there Indykpol AZS Olsztyn.

190 million PLN for renewal. More than 4,000 spectators will enter the hall

The facility is undergoing a major renovation. The cost of the reconstruction of the hall is about 190 million PLN, of which 131.5 million PLN is supported by the European Union, which is used by the city for renovation.

What will change? The facility will have a new, more modern facade and a multifunctional court in the main structure of the building, which will be used for volleyball, handball and basketball matches, Tennis Mud and table tennis, as well as badminton, futsal and boxing, at a distance of four meters from the current metre. In addition, the stands will be expanded – 4,045 spectators will enter them, and so far they can only accommodate more than 2,300 seats.

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