He hit a Polish judge.  Punishment has just come

It only took a few sentences for the MotoGP Sports Principal Committee to find it appropriate to impose a monetary penalty. The Arged Malesy passenger, or rather his mechanic, got into his pocket.

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Łukasz . union

Press materials / Start Gniezno / Pictured: Łukasz Związek

“We want to show the best highway on TV, brag about the best league in the world and the galaxy, and for a match that decides to join this elite group, we send a man as a referee, I will not allow him to judge the game of goats. What would happen if the outcome at the meeting point and his decisions would lead to a quarrel? – A post with this content was made by Łukasz Związek, former sprint racer, currently Oliver Berntzon’s mechanic, on October 3.

On that day, Arged Malesa Ostrów competed away from Cellfast Wilki Krosno in the eWinner First League return leg, which is officiated by Paweł Palka. During the meeting, he made a controversial decision in the tenth round.

In it, when the hosts led 5:1, Sebastian Szostak pulled into the first turn, taking him to hit Grzegorz Walasek, who was third. Fortunately, Arged Malesa Ostrów players did not fall, but both failed to continue their journey. Both stopped in the opposite direction.

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The umpire who did not stop the race for long, even though the event was dangerous, unintentional and unusual, ruled out the hit and escort for leaving the circuit (but delayed the red light to be turned on), and penalized Szostak with a red card for not doing so, ruling it as unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Back to Łukasz’ entry “Związek. The publication reached the Main Sporting Committee of Motorcycle Racing, which found his words in contravention of regulations. Impact: a financial fine officially imposed on his employer, Oliver Berntzon, in the amount of PLN 1,000.

This decision was taken unanimously by the disciplinary body consisting of Piotr Szymański, ukasz Szmit, Zbigniew Fiałkowski and Leszek Demski. The ruling explained the violation by “the public (on social media) undermining the authority of the judge in a way that may harm him by losing the good reputation and confidence necessary to perform the job entrusted to him.”

This is another financial penalty for critical votes of officials. At the end of September 20 thousand. Fines for Grzegorz Walasek for making harsh words about GKSŻ during television broadcasts.

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