slag.  Stal Gorzów trained before the final.  Amazing path selection

On Sunday, Wave Bermuda Staal will defend the lead from their first encounter with Motor Lublin. Stanisław Chomski wants to prepare his team as best as possible to fight for gold, so on Thursday he organized a training outside Gorzów.

Jaroslav Galewski

Martin Vaculik and Szymon Wennyak

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Jocz / Pictured: Martin Vaculik and Szymon Woźniak

In theory, the choice of track made by an experienced coach might have come as a surprise, as the Bermuda Stal wave went to Bydgoszcz on Thursday. There is little in common between the local facility and the stadium where Motor Lublin plays matches at home. It is certainly difficult to speak of any greater similarity in terms of geometry.

– However, this was not the point of finding a path similar to the one in Lublin – Stanislaw Chomsky tells us. – I wanted the players to start thinking differently, because I think it can be useful for them now. That is why we chose Bydgoszcz – he admits.

Let’s add that the entire Gorzów team turned up at the Abramczyk Polonii Stadium, but its captain Bartosz Zmarzlik was missing. But the coach stresses that there is no surprise in this case. – These were our arrangements with Bartik before. He had a really rough time behind him. He’s been riding a lot lately and we decided it would be best for him to take a moment to breathe – it sums it up.

Let us remind you that the PGE Ekstraliga Final between Motor Lublin and Moje Bermuda Stal will take place next Sunday at 19:15. In the first match, Gorzow players won by 51:39.

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