The cheapest iPad received changes that were previously present in the Pro, Air and mini versions.

Apple originally planned to organize a full presentation of the new iPads, but in the end in a row, the company was supposed to change its mind and the first presentation was limited to sending press releases.

The iPad (10th generation) introduces long-awaited changes. Including a USB-C port

iPad is the latest model in the wallet that brings significant design changes.

First of all – the screen has grown from 10.2 to 10.9 inches, and the surrounding bezels have tapered off, which makes the tablet look more modern. The fingerprint reader has been moved to the edge of the chassis, and the selfie camera has been moved to a taller bezel to work better in landscape mode.

Image source: © Apple


Second – the new iPad received the long-awaited USB-C port, which replaces the elongated Lightning connector.

Technically speaking, the new tablet is an iPad Air without the super efficient M1 chip.

Apple has armed its cheaper model with the well-known iPhone 12 A14 Bionic chip, a new 12 Mpix camera with 4K recording, a front camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and an optional 5G modem. The screen resolution of 10.9 inches is 2360 x 1640 (264 pixels per inch).

Available color versions are blue, yellow, pink and silver. iPad compatible with Apple Pencil and the new Magic Keyboard Folio with trackpad.

The new iPad Pro has an M2 chip and better stylus support

The M1 chip replaces the previous generation to provide a significant boost of power. Apple calculates that thanks to this, the new iPad Pro has 15 percent. 35 percent faster CPU, 50 percent faster graphics. Faster RAM. Downloading data will also be faster thanks to the Wi-Fi 6E connection.

iPad Pro
Image source: © Apple

iPad Pro

The highest efficiency was to allow the introduction of the ability to record movies in ProRes format and speed up transcoding by 3 times.

iPad Pro
Image source: © Apple

iPad Pro

The latest iPad Pro is even better at working with the Apple Pencil. The tablet detects it from a distance of 12mm, so you can see in advance the path the pen will leave. This function is used in various places of the interface, as well as in third-party applications.

Like the previous generation, the iPad Pro is available in 11 and 12.9-inch versions. However, only the larger model has a small LED matrix, while the “eleven” model with an LCD screen remained.

Apple confirms that the latest generation of iPad Pro will make the most of the capabilities of iPadOS 16.

The new iPad and iPad Pro: Prices and availability in Poland

Due to the unfavorable exchange rate of the zloty, Apple recently raised the prices of almost all products. Not surprisingly, then, the increases also include new tablets.

Prices for the new iPad are as follows:

  • 64 GB, Wi-Fi – 2899 zlotys;
  • 64 GB, 5 GB – PLN 3899;
  • 256 GB, Wi-Fi – 3899 PLN;
  • 256 GB, 5 GB – 4899 PLN.

It is noteworthy that a few weeks ago the price of the iPad Air was PLN 3099, which is noticeably better.

The new iPad Pro is more expensive, its prices are as follows:

  • 11 Wi-Fi (8/128 GB) – 5199 PLN;
  • 11 Wi-Fi (8/256 GB) – PLN 5899;
  • 11 Wi-Fi (8/512 GB) – PLN 7199;
  • 11 Wi-Fi (16 GB / 1 TB) – PLN 9799;
  • 11 Wi-Fi (16 GB / 2 TB) – 12399 PLN;
  • 11 5G (8/128 GB) – PLN 6199;
  • 11 5G (8/256 GB) – 6899 PLN;
  • 11 5G (8/512 GB) – PLN 8199;
  • 11 5 GB (16 GB / 1 TB) – 10799 PLN;
  • 11 5 GB (16 GB / 2 TB) – 13399 PLN;
  • 12.9 Wi-Fi (8/128 GB) – PLN 7199;
  • 12.9 Wi-Fi (8/256 GB) – PLN 7899;
  • 12.9 Wi-Fi (8/512 GB) – PLN 9199;
  • 12.9 Wi-Fi (16 GB / 1 TB) – 11799 PLN;
  • 12.9 Wi-Fi (16 GB / 2 TB) – 14,399 PLN;
  • 12.9 5 GB (8/128 GB) – 8199 PLN;
  • 12.9 5 GB (8/256 GB) – 8899 zlotys;
  • 12.9 5 GB (8/512 GB) – 10199 PLN;
  • 12.9 5 GB (16 GB / 1 TB) – 12849 PLN;
  • 12.9 5 GB (16 GB / 2 TB) – 15499 PLN.

Prices for the previous generation ranged from PLN 3899 to PLN 11799, so the increases are really huge.

Meet the all-new iPad and iPad Pro | apple

Sales of the new iPads will begin on October 26.

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