class difference.  The champion of Poland is out!

The 40 point difference in basketball is the secret lift. With this number of points, Olsk Wroclaw lost its second match in the European Cup. At Centennial Hall, basketball players from KK Buducnost Voli Podgorica frolicked with the Polish champions.

Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk

Alexander Dziwa (centre) and Alpha Kappa (right)

PAP / EPA / Maciej Kulczyński / Pictured: Alexander Dziwa (center) and Alpha Kappa (right)

Basketball players in Silesia Wroclaw are back at Centennial Hall, where they recently celebrated their “18th birthday”. The memories were lovely, but the comeback turned out to be a wall crash.

The Polish champions lost to the guests from the capital of Montenegro until 58:98. Could Andre Orleib’s players have taken more?

Maybe not win, but definitely a better result. It’s tough to compete at this level with 3/17 from behind the arc and 5/15 from the free throw line.

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Despite this, Silesia managed to start the fight for a moment, when they entered the second half with a stronger defense and an eight-point streak. However, the two opponents immediately responded. And twice as strong.

Cameron Reynolds, with 21 points (including 5/10 for three) and seven rebounds, was tough on distance. Then Alpha Kaba was physically strong under the basket and the guest advantage reached the 40 point limit.

The guests dominated the fight on the boards (57:36) with 19 rebounds in attack. In addition, they reached 13 “three”.

There was little Urlep could do. There is still no Justin Biebs or Jacob Karolak in the squad. Evan Ramlijak also recently pulled out. In such circumstances, incl. Mikowaj Adamczak spent 17 minutes in the match, and used his time to complete the “points” four and six rebounds.

For the Polish champions, this is the second defeat at the start of the EuroCup matches – a week ago, Silesia lost to Herbalife Gran Canaria 81:92. Then he made himself much better.

Coach Orleb’s players next play on October 25 – and then against Veolia Towers Hamburg in Germany.

WKS Śląsk Wrocław – KK Buducnost Voli Podgorica 58:98 (21:26, 12:24, 15:21, 10:27)

Silesia: Jeremiah Martin 17, Aleksander Dziewa 9, Artsiom Parakhouski 8, Daniel Gołębiowski 6, ukasz Kolenda 5, Conor Morgan 5, Jakub Nizioł 4, Mikołaj Adamczak 4, Aleksander Wiśniewski 0.

Podoknost: Cameron Reynolds 21, Alpha Kappa 17, Igor Drobinjak 13, Kenan Kamengas 10, Marko Jagodic-Korida 9, Aaron White 9, Tri Bell Heinz 8, Phil Booth 8, Aleksandar Lazic 3, Eden Atic 0, Suad Seehovic 0.

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