This is not in the interest of the United States

Ron DeSantis is considered the main Republican challenger to former President Donald Trump in the party’s primaries that precede next year’s race for the White House. The Florida governor has stated that if he wins, he does not want US forces involved in the Russia-Ukraine war.

-I would like to see the outcome of this war. I don’t want to see a wider war. I think it is not known at all what it will look like in January 2025. But I do not want the United States and our forces to get involved in a war in Russia or Ukraine, the American politician said.

DeSantis: No to Ukraine in NATO

– It is not in the interest of the United States – answered Ron DeSantis when asked about the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO structures. -The only thing it will give us is more commitments. If you give us more commitments, what benefits will we get in return? – asked the Governor of Florida, who participated in the Glenn Beck program.

According to the politician, Ukraine should not receive “blank checks” from the United States, and the United States should primarily seek to end the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Let us remember that during the NATO summit held in Vilnius in July, Ukraine did not receive an invitation to join NATO structures. In order to increase the importance of political relations with Ukraine, a decision was made to transform the current NATO-Ukraine Committee into the NATO-Ukraine Council.

After launching a large-scale military invasion of Ukraine, Russian authorities are maintaining the narrative that they are fighting NATO and the entire West. At present, there are no signs from the Kremlin or Kiev that the conflict will end soon. At the same time, there are more and more media reports about behind-the-scenes Western pressure on Ukraine to start negotiations with Moscow.

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