Boris Johnson has got a new job.  It will play a major role in the new medium

Boris Johnson has bragged about his new position on social media. He will collaborate with GB News TV station. British media are speculating how much money the former Prime Minister will now earn.

About Me Boris Johnson’s new job He announced this in a video on social media. He announced that as GB News presenter he intends to share his “honest opinions” with his viewers.

Boris Johnson will become presenter

On the other side GB News He emphasized that Boris Johnson ‘will play a key role’ In covering the UK general elections and next year’s US elections for the channel.

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– I am happy to announce that I will soon be joining you at GB News. I’ll pass it on to this gorgeous one New TV channel “My frank views on everything, from Russia and China to the war in Ukraine, and how we meet all these challenges, to the enormous opportunities that lie ahead,” Johnson said in the video.

The former British Prime Minister will join a team of right-wing journalists and politicians also linked to the station, including Farage, Rees-Mogg, Anderson, and two Conservatives – Philip Davies and Esther McVeigh.

How much will the former Prime Minister earn in the media?

At this time, it is not known how much money GB News used to lure Johnson into a job at the station. However, this matter is the subject of speculation in the British media.

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The Guardian indicates that the former politician will likely receive it Six-figure sum. Journalists calculated that Rees-Mogg earns £350,000 a year (PLN 1,794,310), and Conservative Party Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson receives £100,000 a year from the channel, or PLN 512,660.

It is worth noting that Johnson already earns a high six-figure sum as a columnist for the Daily Mail and has earned millions of pounds in the media.

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